A rich ecosystem of open-source tools and models to support research

The Project Aria program was set up to help researchers explore the future, responsibly.

Building openly and collaboratively not only helps researchers with access to Project Aria glasses, but also helps bring out the best outcomes for people. By providing open source tools, we hope to provide opportunities to create a diverse community in support of the betterment of everyone.

See open source repositories below.

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Open Source Models and Tools

Open Source Repositories

Project Aria Tools

The primary suite of C++/Python utilities for researchers to work with Project Aria. Designed to ease interaction with Aria data and open datasets.

EgoBlur Face and License plate detection models

A set of AI models for preserving privacy by detecting and blurring personally identifiable information from images and video.

VRS (Vision Replay System)

A file format optimized to record and playback streams of sensor data, stored in per-device streams of timestamped records.

Project Aria Eye Tracking

A software library to estimate gaze direction from the eye tracking camera images on Project Aria glasses.


Open research challenges to help establish baselines for machine perception and AI capabilities.


Open datasets enable resesarchers to explore the technical and societal challenges associated with future AR and AI devices.


Read the technical paper on arXiv to learn more about the Project Aria glasses specification.


Learn more about Project Aria open tools by diving into the documentation

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