ASE: Scene Reconstruction Challenge

Infer scene geometry from Project Aria glasses using CAD-like language

Current Challenges Overview

The ability to understand the size and shape of indoor spaces is vital for many AR and VR applications. For example, VR devices can use knowledge of room layouts to determine the shape of the ‘guardian’, to alert users when they are approaching a wall or object. Mixed reality devices can use knowledge of room layouts to provide better MR experiences, by tailoring content to the shape of each user’s space.

The 2023 Aria Synthetic Environment (ASE) reconstruction challenge aims to accelerate research into environment reconstruction, and surface new ways of approaching indoor room understanding.

ASE Challenge One: Scene Reconstruction using structured language

Given a short sequence of posed images simulating an Aria wearer walking around a multi-room environment, your task is to output a full scene language description of the main elements of the scene, consisting of walls, doors and windows.

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Awards for the challenge

First place: $10,000 and a certificate. Sponsor may also choose to publish the technical report of the first place submission.

Second and Third places: certificates and recognition on Challenge leaderboard. Sponsor may also choose to publish technical reports of second and third place submissions. Additionally, teams with the best performing or noteworthy submissions may be invited to present their work at CVPR in June 2024.

Update: The challenge deadline has been extended to 23:59 (Pacific Daylight Time) on Friday March 22, 2024. The new ceremony for challenge winners will be CVPR 2024.

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