A grid of RGB fisheye images, each part of the Project Aria Pilot Dataset.


Project Aria for All-Day Egocentric Research

Friday, 24th November 2023
Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University

The 2023 BMVC Project Aria Workshop for All-Day Egocentric Research aims to bring together resesarchers and engineers from academia and industry to discuss the latest advances in research for egocentric perception.

In this workshop, we will cover a broad range of research topics related to the challenges of all-day wearable egocentric devices (such as AR glasses), including visual and non-visual localization and mapping, static and dynamic object detection and spatialization, human pose estimation, and building geometry estimation.

*Please bring your laptop to follow along with the hands-on section of this workshop!*


SECTION ONE: Introduction to Egocentric Machine Perception

09:30 Always on Machine Perception & Introduction to Aria Research Kit by Edward Miller (30mins)

SECTION TWO: Reconstructing Scenes with language

10:00 Overview of Aria Synthetic Environments by Vasileios Balntas (30 minutes)
10:30 Overview of Scene Reconstruction with large language models by Henry Howard-Jenkins (30 minutes)

SECTION THREE: Hands-on with Project Aria glasses

11:00 Interactive walk-through of Aria Research Kit and projectaria_tools by Omkar Parkhi (60 mins)

SECTION FOUR: Closing remarks

12:00 Closing Remarks & Joint Q&A


VP of Research Science, Reality Labs Research, Meta

Research Product Manager, Reality Labs Research, Meta

Research Science Manager, Reality Labs Research, Meta.

Research Engineer, Reality Labs Research, Meta

Research Scientist, Reality Labs Research, Meta.

Research Scientist, Reality Labs Research, Meta.


Email projectaria@meta.com to get more information on the workshop or Project Aria.

Academic and industrial research institutions interested in working with Project Aria glasses can apply for the Aria Resesarch Kit here.