Third Hands-on Egocentric Research Tutorial with Project Aria, from Meta

Held in Conjunction with ECCV 2024

30th September 2024 - Milan, Italy


In 2022, Reality Labs Research hosted the first Project Aria Workshop at CVPR, introducing researchers to Project Aria, a new research device from Reality Labs Research, worn like a regular pair of glasses, and used to accelerate research in the field of egocentric perception. Since then, the Project Aria academic program has grown to include over 60 universities from around the world, providing researchers with devices, datasets, tools, and services, to accelerate always-on egocentric perception.

In this third tutorial, we will introduce attendees to new features of the Aria Research Kit (ARK), share novel research from academic partner program members, describe how researchers can gain access to the Project Aria academic program, and introduce two as-yet unannounced open datasets for accelerating machine perception research.


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VP of Research Science, Reality Labs Research, Meta

Research Product Manager, Reality Labs Research, Meta

Research Product Manager, Reality Labs Research, Meta.

Director Research Science, Meta AI, Meta


Email to get more information on the workshop or Project Aria.

Academic and industrial research institutions interested in working with Project Aria glasses can apply for the Aria Resesarch Kit here.